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11% raise July 1st

I have received a lot of questions and heard a lot of “rumors” about the 11% raise set to hit your paychecks July 1st, 2024. I spoke with two different members of the LRU this week and they informed me that as far as they know, everything is set up to give the 11% raise to all bargaining unit I members. This is per the negotiations and other legislative efforts. The other thing is that people are spreading that PERS is going up. The 3ish percent increase to PERS already happened and by all accounts there have been no further increases to the contribution rate approved. Now when your pay goes up, the amount you pay to PERS does increase, but it is the same percentage. So whoever is spreading that bullshit that they are going to take away the raise or increase PERS please stop, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I know it’s “I’ll believe it when I see it.” We need to change from that mindset to “If there is a problem, yo we’ll solve it.” For all you youngsters that is an obscure Vanilla Ice reference. You’re welcome. 😭🤣😭 Put your faith in FOP, we have delivered in every way possible. Are we perfect? No. We absolutely have your best interests in mind. We do however depend on you to tell us what your best interests are. So participate in meetings, conversations, and discussions on the website/socials so that we stay up to speed on what you support. Thank you all for your daily service to our communities. Be safe and take care of each other!

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