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3% Lawsuit

I previously did not send out an update from the meeting. I want to start off by saying thank you to all of the members who attended the meeting. We had a very candid discussion, which included our general counsel Adam Levine. In that discussion he outlined the various legal hurdles we would have to overcome and the potential consequences for losing this case. Ultimately, losing this case was the highest probability of outcomes that he foresees. This could include bad caselaw precedent that we would then need to overcome in future cases that have a better chance of success. The cost of pursuing this would also be significant and even with Adam in line to make a considerable amount of money, he still felt that this was not in the best interest of our Lodge. So the motion was made to accept the state's offer to give us longevity pay without a fight and in return we would drop the 3% appeal. With roughly 20 some members present to listen to all of the details surrounding this case and ask Adam Levine questions, all members unanimously voted to accept the offer from the state. I feel that this vote was truly representative of what the entire membership would decide if you all were present to listen to all of the factors involved.

There were several important topics discussed including my meeting with State Senator Stone, the idea of contributing to political candidates, and the formation of the ways and means committee. All of this and more will be included in the meeting minutes that will be sent to all members by Brother Prater for your review.

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