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A win for religious exemptions

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Our Retired brother

Anyone who has worked around SDCC during the last 25 years has likely had the pleasure of working with Officer Carl Arnold. During my time at SDCC I remember him running K-Gate most of the time. He wa

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Besides the fact that taking the vaccine should be our choice, having the vaccine does not stop you from being a carrier. Vaccinated people can still spread the virus. It is only supposed to lessen the effects. This has even been noted by the CDC when they redefined what a vaccine is. This has been proved innumerable times through scientific studies. Taken from the CDC website: "People infected with the Delta variant, including fully vaccinated people with symptomatic breakthrough infections, can transmit the virus to others."

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17 oct 2021

This is Mrs.Allen what is the big deal with you people. If you don't give a crap about your life have a little respect for mine Ray and I both got the shot snd we're fine. I'm glad he got it he works with all of you who don't want the shot and if he didn't he could bring that crap home to me and I take care of my 80 yr old mom and let me just say if I gave it to her because of you idiots there would be hell to pay. Those of you that know me know I'd be a raving bitch and if at all possible make your lives a living hell. Gr…

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Not with coercion or infringing on religious beliefs. Our Constitution protects us against these kinds of aggression. Would you like someone telling you that you can’t choose to be free in your right to bear arms or be fired? Like if you own a handgun, you cannot work here anymore?

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