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FOP DISCOUNT ON GUNS??? What will they do next?

"NEVADA Tactical" located at 3776 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV, is offering Lodge 21 members a great discount option for class A uniforms, and other equipment. Your very own Chairman of Trustees, J


Attention fop brothers and sisters. If you write a report and some probationary person tells you to change it CALL me. Please don't naively believe that the people running your shift have your best interests in mind or want to protect you! Imagine this scenario: you write a report and some clown tells you to change it AND tells you what to, two, five, ten years later you're on the stand being cross examined by a federal get the point Yet? How do you think the ACLU would portray you, a cop in the 21st century, to the world on national TV/ the media if they found out your supervisor told you to change your report an…


Unknown member
Dec 22, 2021

What does this actually mean for the mandate for NDOC? Does it mean the mandate will expire in early January, provided no new mandate is made? Does it mean NDOC cannot fire officers who haven't taken the jab? Hoping for some clarification here. Thanks!

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Yes, as it stands the mandate will expire. They may still attempt to make it permanent, through another process with the legislature. That would be a longer process though.

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