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Last chance to jump in on the COVID lawsuit

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

I am reposting this so you all have a chance to get in this suit.

If you are interested in signing on to a COVID lawsuit for the religious exemption and the mandate, see the message below. Brother Don Hicks has taken the first steps to move this forward.

I just got an attorney out of Vegas to start the process for legal action on NDOC. Jennings&Fulton law firm (Logan Wilson). I need to get a list together of everyone wanting to sign up. I need info for everyone at NDOC that wants to join. We are working on a zoom meeting with the Attorney where any fee associated to sign on could be discussed but it will depend on the number of participants.

My contact information:

email: or text (775)721-2655

Information needed:

First Name Last Name

Facility Location


Have they had a religious exemption denied?

Are they getting tested 2x per week?

Do they approve being named on the demand to NDOC?

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Membre inconnu
23 déc. 2021

Is this for FOP members only? Is there a deadline? If interested I could spread the word in Ely and get staff on board up here.

En réponse à

Dicus is right. I have put this out for anyone affected by the mandate who did not take the jab.

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