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ElectionSchedule approved

Today was the EMRB meeting to approve the election schedule. The schedule was unanimously approved. There will be an election notice posted at every work location. On the ballots, FOP will be listed first, AFSCME second, and no union third. Be advised that any non employee representatives of either union, cannot campaign on state property including parking lots, so if you encounter any such people from either organization, you are well within your rights to report it to admin. If admin fails to act, this will be noted in the election proceeding as a violation of the election plan. If an employee union representative approaches you on property and they are discourteous, you can report them to your superiors where they may face disciplinary action. So FOP members be warned, do not aggressively bother someone who does not wish to speak to you. Be professional, let them know who you support and inform them of the benefits. We have pins being delivered today that you can wear on your uniforms. You cannot wear any pins stating vote for FOP. The lodge pins we have coming for members will be distributed soon.

Important dates to be aware of:

November 7th, mailing list for all bargainining unit I members will be sent to both parties.

November 9th, election notice posted at work.

November 15th, ballots will go out in the mail to everyone's personal address.

December 13th, ballots will be counted.

December 29th, the winner will be installed as the designated bargaining representative.

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This is HUGE! Time to come together, we can actually have a real contract now. We need everyone to join now that we will have real law enforcement representation. We can have what Nebraska received!

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