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FOP responding to your needs again!

Through discussions with Admin. And their own diligence, we have yet again served to meet the needs of our membership. The following is an email to all wardens from DD Tristan. Comp time for muster pay is back!

After consulting with the Wardens and reviewing the most recent communications from the AG’s Office, it is apparent that NDOC must allow custody staff that are eligible for Muster Pay to have the option to choose Comp Time at Time and a half, in lieu of monetary compensation/pay.


Please advise your staff, timekeepers, and payroll staff of this decision. I understand that there will be workload issues. However, NDOC does not have any other option, even though actual monetary compensation appears to have been the original intent of Muster Pay.


This will not be retro-active. It is from whatever point custody staff begin or began to accrue Comp-Time in lieu of Muster Pay.


All regulations regarding taking time-off through the utilization of Comp-Time still apply such as ensuring that the facility has enough staff to operate safely. I understand that this decision may create year-end fiscal implications due to the limitation of Comp-time that may be carried over from one year to another.


Thank you for your cooperation.


David Tristan

Deputy Director of Operations

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