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Hey, join me at "FOP Nevada C.O. 21" on the Spaces by Wix app with invite code: QSLG95. Easily stay updated and get in touch with me on the go.

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In case you have not been made aware, the Employee Benefit Committee has thrown together a wonderful list of prizes that will be raffled off to employees. These volunteers have worked very hard to put

Per the contract, anyone who started as a new hire(no previous employment with NDOC/transfer to NDOC) after July 1st, 2023, you are entitled to a recruitment bonus that previously has not been paid. T

Cheesy I know, anyway today I am told that the Director followed through on his word to bring dogs on the yard at SDCC. The drug detection K-9 units hit on 4 cells in unit 6. Keep in mind these K-9's

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