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How about some good news?

The schedule for when to expect your 4- $500 retention payments over the next year are as follows:

October 2023

January 2024

April 2024

July 2024

This does not account for the retention payments granted to all state employees. The second of which you are supposed to receive this month.

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I'm receiving only $250 on the latest Pay Period 09, which is for all State employees. I know we're supposed to get $500 in October for FOP members. Are we getting it on the next check 11/8?

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I’m working on it. There are some issues going on and I will post about it soon.


Paul. I’m not real clear on the difference of retention, bonuses and longevity pay that some people have spoke about.

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Thank you so much for explaining that


Would’ve been nice if they could’ve been moved back a month so we get one in Dec (Xmas shopping) oh well. Not a complaint, just a thought

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