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Lethal Force Grievance

Some of you may be aware that we filed a grievance a long time ago regarding the lack of a lethal force option at HDSP and throughout the state of Nevada. Today March 4th, 2021 at 9 am we finally got our hearing. We presented our case today and the Employee Management Committee sided with us and granted our grievance. This was the motion by the EMC that was unanimously voted for by all members of the committee.

I move to grant grievance # 6856 by resolving that the EMC advise the Governor of the need for NDOC to complete an independent study on the use of force and available tools within the NDOC. Further, the EMC recommends NDOC place this use of force topic on the April 2021 meeting of the Board of Prison Commissioners so that it may be discussed while the Legislature is convened if budgetary action is deemed necessary.

This issue is not over, but we have taken a big step toward getting a lethal force option available for officers to use as a last resort in a life or death situation. As President of FOP, it gives me great pride to tell you that we are fighting for all of you to improve working conditions that matter. Thank you to brother Allen-Ricksecker, brother Ashcraft, brother Mckeehan, Sgt. Berry, and Officer Roper for their involvement in getting this win for all our brothers and sisters

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