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My notes from zoom with Adam Laxalt

Adam Laxalt is running for a Nevada US Senate position against Catherine Cortez-Masto. She has proven to be against law enforcement many time in the last few years. Here are my notes from the meeting.

Adam Laxalt

Democrats abandoned law enforcement in the last 3 years.

Cortez masto former ag running against Adam

Laxalt says he supports law enforcement. Contributed to summits for law enforcement.

2020 called the Governor to support law enforcement and stop demonizing LE.

Masto never stepped up and supported law enforcement. Voted for legislation against law enforcement. Made comments against law enforcement quoting systemic racism, etc.

Would support law enforcement in voting for legislation. Would be a voice for LE.

Has done Hannity, tucker carslon shows, interviews.

NDOC oversight committee to hold accountable administrators who are negligent and are not transparent about their failures to staff?

The AG is in a client relationship with the NDOC. His position Suggests getting sponsors on the state senate to push this forward for legislation. Thinks it is a good idea.

As discussed by the FOP members present after the call, anyone is better than Cortez-Masto. The fact that Laxalt supports law enforcement, he has my endorsement. Your vote matters, so let your voice be heard come election time. I propose that we endorse him in his race for a Senate spot. Any feedback is welcome. Comment below if you have input.

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