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Rest of the uniform order

Ok I just spoke with the vendor and they informed me that the rest of the items, minus a couple propper uniform pieces have been sent to shipping and should go out today or tomorrow! That means by ear

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09 de dez. de 2023

I'm a firm believer in opportunity. In my opinion you were able to use your platform to explain, to the non-Corrections lay person, a complicated topic for anyone to wrap their head around . The reality of our negative forces are neither easy to admit nor to deal with let alone be able to process as you were able to explain.


Not painting our officers in the best light in this article. Just my opinion.

Respondendo a

The article was meant to illustrate the effect that working in such a negative environment has on officers. How our survival skills lead to unintended difficulties outside of work. My personal battle with negativity was the only instance where an individual was named.

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