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Nevada State FOP meeting

Today was the State FOP meeting. A quorum was present. During the meeting we had a visit from National President Pat Yoes via Zoom. His update from Washington DC is below and the rest of my notes from the meeting.

Washington DC update from President Yoes:

George floyd justice in policing act

FOP Had meaningful dialogue with the house the second time the bill came forward.

“We do need to improve policing and justice system.“ We Protected qualified immunity

The bill going forward is not a bad bill, but they have to sell it to other senators.

It doesn’t have as much to do with police reform as it does with politics.

3 things that could happen.

1 approve the house bill as is-not likely

2 reach a compromise- if not, nothing happens and we still have qualified immunity.

3 shelf life on this may be short as the polls are changing due to attacks on police. Things can shift if they don’t get this done, by the august recess due to mid term elections

FOP has taken the position to protect qualified immunity in the bill. Other police organizations may be operating on old bill language.

Meeting notes: National trustee and State President Dave Moody is still fighting for the FOP to address the EMRB decision that attempts to deny organizations outside of the bargaining units from representing officers. This has not yet affected us in the NDOC. However, there is a court case going on right now with Metro, where an injunction has been filed against the PPA of Metro. We all will be voicing this issue strongly at the National Conference next month.

Lodge 7 is currently suspended, they plan on sending a blast email to all of the members up in Churchill county to attempt to get this resolved.

Discussion was had over a motion I lodged to endorse Pat Yoes for National President and James Smallwood for National Treasurer. While the issues discussed were regarding remarks previously made by Pat Yoes and other Executive Board Members during a leadership matters seminar, regarding political moves in relation to our FOP Leadership, the motion carried, but was not unanimous.

We also briefly discussed the 2023 national conference in Las Vegas. There is an upcoming meeting with the MGM, to discuss some further details about the Vegas Conference. We will definitely be looking for volunteers from Lodge 21, to help out prior to and during the conference in 2023.

I informed the state board that we have recently partnered with One Voice United to participate in an international wellness program to benefit our officers. Two members from Lodge 21 Tanya Armendariz and Jon Allen-Ricksecker have volunteered to represent Lodge 21.

That is all I have to report. Be safe and take care of each other!


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