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OT at other Facilities

I just spoke with Director Dzurenda. He confirmed to me that officers are permitted to work overtime at different facilities. For example, if you work at FMWCC, you can work overtime at SDCC. I know there are tons of mandatories still taking place, so if you can pitch in and volunteer on your days off, anything helps.

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Can a person be pulled off their bidded post so somebody can work O/T. Happens to us quite a bit at the hospital.


You are not to be pulled off of your post except for the reasons listed in AR 301


He sent a memo to all of the wardens already.


Lunkwitz, Dzurenda is going to have to send out a memo because there’s some supervisors that will not allow it. For example, HDSP doesn’t allow officers to work at FMWCC or SDCC. Without a memorandum coming from him, supervisors will continue to not allow Officer to work OT at different facilities.

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