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This kind of bullshit is exactly why you all enjoy the peace of mind of having the FOP Legal Defense Plan to protect you! Forget the union benefits for just a second, look at what you can face if an inmate says you did something like this. Remember it doesn't have to be true for you to face a lawsuit. If you are depending on the AG's Office for your sole protection, just remember what Brother Groover is going through right now... Talk to your peers, because it's crazy in todays day and age to not have your livelihood protected. We do not want to see any officer left out to dry. Read this artucle:

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I am happy to inform you all that a second sweep of 2 different units at SDCC yielded the following results, straight from the director to me. While in Unit 2, the dogs hit cells. Members of SDCC CER

Last year FOP asked for nominations for this award. I found out after the deadline that an officer ran in to assist his fellow brother when an inmate had a shank. In complete disregard for his own saf

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