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Second drug dog sweep

I am happy to inform you all that a second sweep of 2 different units at SDCC yielded the following results, straight from the director to me.

While in Unit 2, the dogs hit cells. Members of SDCC CERT were available to conduct cell searches on those cells. During those searches, they found 2 smoking pipes and a few roaches.

Prior to the K-9 units searching Unit 11A, Staff found a cell phone and a prison made weapon in the bathroom. The dogs did not hit anywhere in 11A.

Multiple items of contraband were found throughout the big yard from Unit 2 and Unit 11A to the culinary. Items found were approximately 19 grams of Meth, approximately 23 grams of Tabacco, a vape pen, 5 prison made weapons and 2 cell phones.

First I want to thank all of the officers who were involved in these seizures. Without you this would not have been such a successful mission. Great job brothers and sisters!

There will also be continuing K-9 searches scheduled at all prisons throughout the state. The Director also relayed that there will be a drug detection scanner for mail and boxes delivered next week in the South. He has invited FOP to have representatives present on Thursday and Friday to participate in the training. The machine will then be used at facilities during searches to detect drugs. Eventually, all facilities will have their own machine to use everyday.

When it is scheduled FOP will be attending a presentation via zoom for body scanners. Director Dzurenda has invited FOP to attend this presentation as well. This presentation is to provide body scanners at all facilities in the near future. This is a sign of positive change to rid our facilities of dangerous substances and make the prisons safer for officers.

In addition to that the director also shared with me that the NDOC has a contract to provide 150 tasers and training to line staff. I will share the timeframe when I get more information. Be safe and take care of each other!

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