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Staff assaults today at SDCC and NNCC.

At SDCC, 5 inmates assaulted multiple officers. One officer was sent out to the hospital and treated for injuries. Rock in a sock used. This happened after a cell search was initiated for possible weapon. If anyone has contact information for any of the officers involved, please let one of our stewards or board members know so we can reach out to them and make sure they’re taken care of. I do know Officer Casteneda and Reese are two of the names, but they’re not members, so we do not have contact info.

We are still awaiting information on the NNCC assault.

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I work at SDCC, and I have to say that I feel this one is on the administration. This is what happens when they keep dismissing our write ups and sending dangerous inmates back to the yard because "there's no space." The inmates start thinking they're somebody and they start pushing back on officers because they know nothing will happen because they "beat their case." I really hope FOP can help reel that in. I know both officers that guy assaulted, and I hope and pray they are OK.

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