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Update on staff assaults

I have received information back on the staff assaults from yesterday. I am happy to report that Officer Gonzales-Sencion from NNCC was treated at the hospital after Lt. Fonoimoana took him to be assessed. Big thanks to Officer Rushing who took the assaultive inmate to the ground immediately. Much appreciation to Lt. Fonoimoana, for making sure that our brother was treated for his injuries. Limited investigation has produced the motive for the attack. The inmate was told to assault an officer as part of his initiation.

As for the assault at SDCC, so far I am happy to say that reports back to me are that the officers are doing fine, with the exception of minor injuries, but one officer reportedly suffered a concussion. There were multiple inmates involved in the attack after a cell search was initiated. It is unclear if there was any additional motive or gang affiliation.

Be vigilant as staff assaults have ramped up considerably in recent months. There is never any excuse for officers being assaulted. We all need to look out for all our brothers and sisters, at all times. Do everything you can to ensure safety of officers at all times. If you do not have sufficient staff to perform functions, seek guidance from your supervisor and document accordingly. If your supervisors response is insufficient, utilize the chain of command all the way to the deputy directors. Document each step in the chain of command in your logs and notis. Never sacrifice safety or security. As I was told over two decades ago, your daily goal is to walk out the same way you walked in. Be safe brothers and sisters!

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