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Legal  Defense

Welcome to your Lodge 21 Legal Defense Resource. Below you can explore our list of attorneys that are available to represent you in your time of need.  You can submit a claim form to the Legal Defense Plan should you have an incident where you anticipate an investigation of misconduct, civil action against you, concealed carry coverage, or potential criminal charges. Please remember that our Legal Defense Plan is for work related incidents, on or off duty.  Concealed carry coverage is outlined below in the HR 218 description.  If you need any information regarding the coverage available to you, there is a button for the complete Legal Defense Plan Document, as well as a brochure that outlines the coverages available to members and potential members. 

There are so many reasons that you are allowed to have a union representative outlined in our CBA.  If you are contacted by an investigator of any kind and they tell you that you are not entitled to a union representative, you are not obligated to speak to them or answer questions, because this is a criminal investigation.  Always ask, "Is this a criminal investigation?"  If it is, you have a right to an attorney, which our legal defense plan provides for our members.  Same goes for your supervisors, associate wardens, or other administrators.  If you are questioned about your actions, you have a right to a union representative.  The supervisors can ask questions to mitigate safety and security issues, but as soon as the questions turn toward what you did, how you did it, or why, union rep time.  

 Scales of Justice
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