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The Faces of Our Organization
If you need to speak to a local trustee or union steward for issues that can be addressed informally at the institutional level, their contact info is on this page.  Please start with your trustees and union stewards first, before contacting Executive Board Members.

The Team: Members

Paul Lunkwitz


NDOC Officer, with the department since 2000, retired in 2021, and officer advocate since 2008, Paul has worked at Southern Desert Correctional Center, High Desert State Prison, and Central Transportation. As a representative of officers, our President has fought to protect Peace Officer rights on every level in the NDOC. Lunk continues to mentor officers regarding Peace Officer Rights issues. Paul is truly an inspiration, and has distinguished himself as a passionate and effective advocate.

Michael Thompson

Vice President

Mike Thompson has been with NDOC since 2015. A fiery Officer advocate with no patience for those who are generally inept at their jobs. He makes himself available for anyone who asks for help. An extremely hard worker with a history of improving safety at HDSP.  Our Vice President is committed to creating a better environment for our hard working brothers and sisters with a focus on a strong membership within FOP.


Dshamba Prater


NDOC officer, with the department since 2003, Dee has had the pleasure of working every post at High Desert State Prison including Trans.  Our Secretary has vast experience as a training officer (FTO) and a NOTIS instructor.  Prater is a critical thinker with insightful, strategic input when helping officers stand up for their rights. He has also passionately represented multiple officers during investigations over his lengthy career.

David Whittaker


David Whittaker has been with NDOC since 2019. David has worked at High Desert State Prison and Currently at Southern Desert Correctional Center. He is always there to help Officers stay safe, keep their jobs, and go home to their loved ones. He is always available to lend an ear if you have a concern or have issues.


Jason Stinehour

Sergeant at Arms

NDOC Officer since 2015.  A dedicated S&E Officer at HDSP, Brother Stinehour is always there when you need him.  Whether its standing up to supervisors or backing up officers, he is always there for our brothers and sisters.  "My goal with the NDOC and being on the FOP board is to learn, grow, stand up for my brothers and sisters for peace officers rights."

Robert Ashcraft


NDOC Senior Officer, with the department since 1999 and officer advocate since 2008, Bob has worked at Ely State Prison and High Desert State Prison.  Ash has fought for Officers in every capacity imaginable. As Trustee, he  brings his years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our officers succeed. In addition Ash participates in strategic meetings with both management and officers.


Jon Allen-Ricksecker

 Jonathan R. Allen-Ricksecker “Allen” is a career law enforcement officer with over 22 years with the Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC).  Officer Allen holds an A.A.S degree from CCSN, and an B.A. degree from U.N.L.V.  Allen is an advocate for officers and has held positions on several law enforcement associations. He was the elected safety committee employee representative for over 5 years.  Allen is an encyclopedia of knowledge for state and federal law, as well as NDOC policy.  Allen often assists co-workers with their grievances and or concerns and on occasion provides representation to staff members including those under investigation.

Don Hicks


A C.O. since 2006, currently certified as an Instructor in O.C. spray and Defensive Tactics.  He currently works as one of the Yard Investigators at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center.  Don is a focused advocate for Correctional Staff working on the front lines. He has helped us coordinate FOP business in the northern region as well. Knowledgeable, professional, and a great asset to our union.


Union Stewards List

Southern Region:

Nathan Echeverria- , 702-417-8530

Taylor Paryga-,702-539-7412

Northern Region:

Jesse Haines- , 775-385-8477

Marc , 775-720-1064

Ron Carrete- , 775-830-8269

The Team: Text
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