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Enforcing the Contract

Due to feedback that may or may not be circulating at all facilities, I feel it is important to explain what enforcing the contract looks like and what we are pursuing currently on behalf of all members. The important thing to remember is that these processes take time. Arbitrations do not happen overnight and before we get to arbitration we have to go through mediation talks. We have already notified the LRU of several grievance issues that we wish to go to arbitration on if there is no resolution.

The following are most but not all of the issues we are pursuing:

Retention Payments(meeting Thursday with LRU)

Meeting with LRU on the following a week from Friday:

PSDOT not being paid at time and a half

Special Assignment Pay

Bilingual Pay

COTS not getting their step and progression pay increases at 6 months

mandatory and voluntary overtime lists not being properly handled or available for officer review

wallet badges

failure to pay back pay

failure to provide adequate NEATS access to Union counsel and designated Union officials

Plus other issues

As you can see we have many issues to deal with and we have put the LRU on notice on all of them. Each issue must first be scheduled for discussion/mediation, then cause its own arbitration proceeding, if not resolved. We also have moved the issue of PSDOT not being given on Muster pay toward arbitration after no resolution at mediation.

Just because you don't see or hear any direct updates on these issues, does not mean that we are not hard at work on each and every one of them. I do my best to update you all as to how we are progressing. My hope is that you all have seen what FOP has done to fight for you and move away from the culture that previous unions instilled in some of you. Give us some credit and exercise patience before you spread negativity to others. Be safe and take care of each other.

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