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Officer stabbed

A few days ago, one of our Brothers was stabbed at HDSP. Thank god, Brother McClendon is ok. The shank punctured the skin in his chest area. Due to his vigilance, he was able to keep his physical injuries to a minimum. The inmate was subdued before any further injury could be inflicted on staff.

These attacks on officers are escalating in the nature of violence. Just yesterday at HDSP Brother Lima was assaulted and due to his vigilance the inmate was subdued quickly. Brother Lima sustained minor injury and I'm told he handled himself very well in defending against the attack.

If you participated in the vest fitting, but you have yet to order a vest, you might want to place an order. There is no price to high for proper safety equipment. Whichever vendor you go through, please take your protection seriously. Most of you have seen the Idaho CO's who were ambushed at a hospital, causing an escape and resulting in 3 officers shot.

Do not fall into complacency in any circumstance. Inside or outside, safety is the one thing that can never be sacrificed. Thankfully, our brothers did not take their safety for granted. Hypervigilance is a must with our staffing levels. Do not assume that this cannot happen to you. Please, I beg you, take every safety precaution you can. The last thing we need is to bury one of our brothers or sisters. Be safe and take care of each other.

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24 de mar.

I'm glad both Officers are good, but to point out the department is not following policies.... Per the O.P, suppose to have 2 floor Officers in 7 A/B and 8 A/B and 8 C/D. Yet there are times they stick a gunrail up and still run tier and yard.

Like others have stated, two races go at it, and the yard goes on full blown lock down, but one of our get attacked, let's run yard and tier.

I get we are short staffed, but that is not any Officers problem and no excuse. We're told to follow the policy right, and yet they break policy. I won't mention names, but no bs I had a Lt tell me point…


Officer attacks, When an Officer is attacked why isn't the yard put on lock down for a peroid of time ? They use to put the yard on lock down and now nothing happens everything goes about like nothing happened! The attacks are alot more then ever before! Seems like the prison has No care for officer safety!!! and having no Repercussions towards inmates when they attack one of us. But yet when 2 different races attack each other yard goes on lock down . Doesn't make sense

Respondendo a

You’re absolutely right and they won’t charge the inmate I’m sure which is disgusting but lately up north anyone who uses force is being terminated for “excessive force”.


Thank god they are ok! Could have been worst. Rest up gentlemen. That’s why we have to anticipate and react not think. One of the many things I took from my military training. Glad they remembered our training and put it to good work.

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