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Brother Allen-Ricksecker’s response to exemption form

RE: COVID Vaccine ACCOMMMONADATION Request. Several of you have asked me how you should respond to the NDOCs questionnaire. I can not tell you what to write, as everyone's answer may significantly differ. I have posted my response to the 5 questions below. These responses do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any organization or FOP. I do not wish to offend anyone, and apologize in advance if my post do. However, as many of you have stated you have writers block, this may assist you in your efforts.

RE: Religious Accommodation Request

1) Please describe the religious belief, practice, or observation that is the basis for your request for a religious accommodation.

SEE MEMORANDUM FOR ALL EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES FROM THE ATTORNEY GENERAL with the SUBJECT: Federal Law Protections for Religious Liberty. (attached). I appreciate many theologies and their contributions to humanity; however, I most closely align with the non-denominational Christian Religion. This question mirrors a religious test. There are diversities of viewpoints, rifts and chasms, within every religion, denomination, or sect, and similarly divergence in some beliefs, practices, and or observations, or the lack thereof. Accommodation is exclusion from COVID Vaccine mandate.

2) Does your religious belief, practice, or observance lead you to object to:

a. All COVID-19 Vaccinations __X___YES _____ NO

b. Only certain COVID-19 vaccinations _____ YES __X___ NO

If yes, which ones?

All current COVID-19 Vaccinations.

3) Explain in detail how your sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance conflicts with the COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

The current global situation and the implementation of the coerced and forced “vaccine” parallels warnings and prohibitions in biblical literature and stories such as in Revelation 13:16-18 that refer to the “mark of the beast” and prophecy saying, “And that no man might buy or sell, save that had the mark, or the name of the beast….” As such GOD commands me to refuse the mark in order to live-in within heaven eternally. Case in point, this mandate threatens my livelihood and ability to buy or sell unless I take the “covid vaccine”. Elements within the pro-vaccine movement have satanic anti-humanistic negative cult/occult like feel. I also take issue with vaccines development and research phases which utilized aborted fetal tissue, as children are a gift from GOD.

4)Describe the accommodation you are requesting.

As The State of Nevada and various subdivisions created a mandated by way of the Nevada Board of Health that conflicts with my sincerely held religious believes and or liberty of conscience; that “staff who work with “vulnerable populations” in state-operated detention facilities become fully vaccinated against COVID-19.” I am abstaining and asserting my fundamental freedom of religious rights via the U.S. and Nevada Constitutions, Title VII, and any and all other protections afforded to me and protected under applicable laws. I expect the department to exempt me from this unholy mandate and to continue to provide any and all necessary and appropriate PPE or such to satisfy this accommodation.

5) If the request for accommodation is temporary, please identify the anticipated date the accommodation is no longer need?

The accommodation is permanent and eternal.

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