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Fake News

Some or all of you may have seen this rhetoric. Who is so delusional and desperate that they would publish an email saying that, "We're sticking with AFSCME" You guessed it, our favorite gas bag union. I told you they would show up as soon as they realized the threat. I find it comical that they say a fraternal organization with no experience in corrections. Where has the big bad union been for the last two years? I'm not sure they have any experience in corrections. They certainly do not have any experience fighting for Officer rights in the NDOC. The FOP board has decades of experience fighting for Officer rights. When AFSCME wouldn't even call their own members back, who represented them? Myself and Ashcraft, that's who. Where were they for the mandate? Where were they for the riot? Where were they when we were calling the NDOC on the carpet for their failures after the escape? Those who know and paid attention already know who was there for officers. If you don't know, ask those who do, or just look up all of the articles online. Spread the word to anyone who asks, FOP is the FUTURE!!!

President Lunkwitz

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