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Joey Gilbert MeetingToday

This Morning, myself, two of our board members, and the State Fop President had a zoom meeting with attorney Joey Gilbert. Joey Gilbert is a FOP plan attorney up in the Reno area. He is planning on running for Governor as well. During this meeting we discussed the COVID vaccine mandate and the paths that need to be taken in order to lay the foundation for a lawsuit. I have had many conversations with a lot of you members who have expressed that you will not be taking the shot. If this is your choice, there are a few steps that in my opinion will give you the best chance to overcome this mandate.

First, fill out your request for a religious exemption. When you do this, you are not required to state your religion, which belief, or what church you go to. You simply can say “due to my deeply held religious belief” I cannot take the COVID vaccine. This is as simple as it gets. if in the future or you elect to put additional information on your request, that Is your choice. “My body is a temple” for example. So here is a link to an exemption form if you would like to use it.

If you decide to use it great. If you submit your own form, great. Once you fill out your form, submit It to Sharla Bennett-

Be sure to include which institution you work, your title/rank, and your full name.

If you are denied a religious exemption for any reason, get a copy of the denial and email it to:

If you would like to sign the following declaration form in order to join a large group of NDOC staff that will file a lawsuit please also send this to:

Declaration form:

I would like to stress that you must take the steps to exhaust all internal remedies. FOP members if you get a letter of reprimand or higher, you can file for appeal through either the grievance process or arbitration. You can also have an attorney from the legal defense plan represent you. My recommendation is that you appeal every step in the disciplinary process. Then if the unthinkable happens and they fire you, you will be able to appeal this with a lawyer.

If you resign, you have no recourse to appeal or sue the NDOC. My thought is if you wanna quit anyway, might as well have them terminate you so that you can have a shot at getting your job back. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE FIGHTING THIS BATTLE!

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