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Our Insurance and COVID surcharges

If you are not aware, PEBP is meeting Thursday December 2, at 8:30 am, to discuss among other things a measure to charge non vaccinated plan participants a surcharge to your premiums. This means you will pay more money for yourself and dependents Over the age of 18 if you and they are not vaccinated. This measure, in my opinion would discriminate against anyone who has a religious reason to not get the shot. This would actually cause monetary damages to those who are affected. Below is a link where you can join the meeting to comment in person or submit your comments for consideration via email. I highly encourage everyone, vaccinated or not, to express opposition to this despicable attempt to generate money for the insurance plan on the backs of those who choose not to take the shot. There is no logical reason to rationalize that non vaccinated individuals should pay more for COVID related claims than those who are vaccinated. Everyone still gets sick, transmits the virus, and can die from the virus, vaccinated or not. Why should one group of people be more responsible for the cost than the other? One more scare tactic to influence people into doing what ”they” want you to do.

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