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3% salary increase

As of Friday our General Counsel filed our motion to intervene in the court proceeding filed by AFSCME. This was unanimously voted for by all board members and union stewards. AFSCME has filed a writ, attempting to force the state to give the bargaining units that they represented, the 3% salary increase from an arbitration award in 2021. If you had any doubt about FOP or if you are still halfway loyal to AFSCME, pay very close attention to this next part. It is my opinion that for AFSCME to include bargaining unit I as a "Party" to this writ, which is now our bargaining unit(Category 3 Peace Officers), all they had to do was include the letter I in their writ. AFSCME appears to have chosen not to do this and leave those of you who still believe in them to wonder why wouldn't they follow through on what they promised you by adding one letter to the parties section of their writ? This was seems absolutely intentional and they even cited that they used to represent bargaining unit I in a footnote. Fear not brothers and sisters, FOP is once again picking up their slack. Our attorneys motion will ensure that if the arbitration award is to be granted, Bargaining unit I will be included in this award.

What does this all mean? If through our attorney, the court forces the state to pay the award, you all could be eligible for back pay and an increase in current wages. Remember this is what is possible, but not promised or guaranteed. We will keep you in the loop as this develops moving forward. We are always fighting for you and looking out for your best interests. Be safe and take care of each other.

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