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FOP Brother needs help

Please consider donating blood if you are A+. One of our Brothers from North Las Vegas needs our help. Hello All, Apparently North Las Vegas Police Officer Phillip Schmidt had a medical episode and is

Lodge meeting reminder

tomorrow at 9 am pacific time, we will hold our monthly lodge meeting. We will be announcing our latest FOP Hero award recipient and reviewing outstanding negotiation demands. With the supervisors neg

News story HDSP


The feds release an inmate instead of transferring him to us or at least tell us to pick him up. The feds called metro instead of us to see if they need him, which they don’t or shouldn’t. He’s already convicted.

Out of state compact does not get updated until we receive him, which we never did. Yet the media is pointing fingers at NDOC?

Replying to

Whenever we book an inmate into ccdc or release an inmate to another agency’s custody, we put a detainee on the inmate to ensure that when they get released if they still owe us time, they come back to our custody. I have personally done this while on trans when an inmate gets remanded. I don’t think anyone can say from this news story, who is specifically at fault.

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