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We have a ton of momentum with members joining right now. We need all of you to keep the momentum going. Talk to your fellow coworkers and explain the importance of joining FOP before they need representation. Remember there are no more freebies, so let's get everyone covered by legal defense. The more members the stronger our union will be. Just imagine what we will be able to do with triple the membership!!! We will be unstoppable!!! Be safe everyone!

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Rest of the uniform order

Ok I just spoke with the vendor and they informed me that the rest of the items, minus a couple propper uniform pieces have been sent to shipping and should go out today or tomorrow! That means by ear


I spoke with Officer Reese today. He said hes in pain but he doesn't think his jaw is broken from the rock in the sock. He went to hospital to find out though.

Replying to

Thank you for the update! Will you ask him if there is anything FOP can do for him or his family, please? He can reach out to one of us or if you want to message me his number I’ll text him directly.


I am grateful for the FOP and how it’s helped me. I recommend everyone sign up.

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