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Amazon Shopping on our website

Alright, so we are adding a page to our website that will allow you to shop for duty equipment and other common items on Amazon. If you utilize our links to go to and order the items, the lodge will benefit from any items purchased through our links. Amazon, through the company that makes these products, will send a small amount per item to FOP Nevada Lodge 21. We have posted links so far for items that may interest you for work, the holidays, and we will be adding everyday items that you might purchase like paper towels, etc. If you have any ideas for links that should be added, please send them over to Prater so that we can add them to the Amazon page. Happy shopping!

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Rest of the uniform order

Ok I just spoke with the vendor and they informed me that the rest of the items, minus a couple propper uniform pieces have been sent to shipping and should go out today or tomorrow! That means by ear


Nov 15, 2023

That’s awesome!

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