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If you are an officer who has been owed back pay for a significant amount of time, send me an email to with your full name and a brief summary of you situation. I just spoke with DD Shea and she is severely disappointed in the stale claims situation. She is committed to having this situation fixed within 2 months. DD Shea may have a hard time staying within that timeline, but that is her goal. They are working from oldest to newest, so a little more patience might be needed, but she has put a team together to address this problem.

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What about catastrophic leave that I never got and was never paid for? Everything was approved over a year ago and I was never paid for the 60+ hours of unpaid leave.

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Email it to me.


May 31, 2023

Maybe if they're charged a penalty, fees, and interest, then they can get it done in 2 weeks instead.

Btw, CGTH officers also owed $$ for muster backpay. So, patience. Yes, that part!


I heard of something that pertained to Holiday pay that if you volunteered or were mandated for another shift on a holiday that we we supposed to be paid at the holiday rate not time and a half. Is that correct?

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You are supposed to be paid PHPRM for all ours worked and overtime for any hours worked above your normal shift. It is more clearly written in our new contract.

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