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Backpay from recent paycheck issues

I have had discussions with the Labor Relations Unit and I was informed that they are fully aware of the discrepancies with the pay checks from pay periods 2, 3, and 4. This includes the incorrect payment of wages incorrect amount of deducted insurance premiums. While they are working to correct these issues and make everyone whole, they have relayed that the backpay should be issued by the paychecks for pay periods: 6(9-15-23), 7(9-29-23), and 8(10-13-23). So if you can extend your patience until after the pay period 8 paycheck, my belief is that you should be made whole for your wages and insurance premiums. If after this date, you still have not been made whole, with regard to the most recent payroll issues, please email Shanice Webb, who is working with DD Shea to fix the backpay issues.

I do know that many of you are still owed backpay for stale claims, but my belief is that they are making progress, even if it is not as expedient as it should be. If you are a new COT and are still awaiting your hiring bonus, they are also working to speed up getting you your initial installment of the recruitment bonus. Be safe and take care of each other.

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I have an email, in my work email from payroll, that says PP1 and 2 will be adjusted/fixed by PP5, along with outstanding payroll memos...

From your post here, it would appear that they just keep making extensions on this.

I didn't see anything wrong with my PP3 or Pp4.

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We all do…..

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