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Anyone who is owed backpay, please read the email below and submit your information to the survey link contained in the email. I realize the frustration involved in waiting on your money, so let’s get the information submitted so that these claims can be resolved. 

President Lunkwitz

From: Kristina SheaSent: Tuesday, May 21, 2024 2:58 PMTo: NDOC Helpdesk <>Subject: Employees Retro Pay/Stale Claim Survey


Dear Staff:

First, I wanted to apologize to all of you who are owed back payments and stale claims related to pay that is owed to you. It's important to me to address these payments and get organized so that we can attempt to solve the backlog, We need a central tracking mechanism for all monies owed to employees.

If you are owed any form of back pay, please complete the following survey, which can be found

Please complete a new entry for each type of retro pay owed to you so that the database creates a separate record for each payment type. Once we gather all the information, we will work with Central Payroll and NDOC Payroll to determine the next steps and do our best to get everyone paid as soon as possible.

I appreciate your patience,


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How am i supposed to know what I’m owed if im owed back pay from September 30, 2023 - March 20, 2024 a. How does the overtime and the holidays and personal leave get calculated ?

Replying to

Too vague to answer. If you are owed back pay you should have an idea how many hours of which type of pay. You will have to account for this and submit it. Or you can submit to the best of your knowledge.


I would recommend any backpay claims owed prior to July 2023 to take it as comp time so they don’t try to pay you based on your old rate of pay. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.


What about stale claims on leave time owed?

Replying to

Done. Thank you.

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