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BOOC meeting 7-27-21

First thing that jumped out at me is that Governor Sisolak stated that next month, August, vaccines for COVID-19 will be mandatory for staff. If you choose not to get vaccinated, you will be required to pay for a weekly test. This will be issued very soon by Dr. Minev.

Use of Force Grievance:

DD Williams stated that there have been studies performed on the best possible option for less lethal system. They have allegedly found a better less lethal system that will be more effective from a company called ALS. It is the belief of DD Williams that this new system will reduce staff assaults and violent attacks. Nothing was said or directly addressed regarding the ultimate need for a lethal force option. During his comments Williams did state that there have been use of force incidents where our tools have been ineffective causing the security of the institution to be jeopardized. What this last statement means is that if anyone is injured, maimed, or killed due to our ineffective launchers, you now have a public record that confirms they are aware of and admit this. This may be grounds to file a lawsuit if you have been injured due to lack of effective tools, it may be time to seek out an attorney to possibly represent you in a lawsuit.

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I suggest everyone to look up the ten points of the Nuremberg code everything that Sissylack and Dr. Minnion is doing is against the #1 point in this code that all Doctors must follow

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