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Calling all Volunteers!

Brothers and Sisters, I am reaching out to you with an idea that will be uncomfortable for some of you. We have a wonderful opportunity to have a positive impact and give back to the community. I have been working on a community outreach project for a little while now and finally we have a chance for FOP Nevada C.O. Lodge 21 to put itself on the map in the Las Vegas Community. Rest assured, this will absolutely benefit Lodge 21 by endearing us to the community. All across the country, law enforcement officers and unions build the relationships with their communities in an effort to bridge the gaps created in recent years. Faith and Blue did not pan out for an event in October, but we are now able to participate in an event with Central Church in Las Vegas which reunites families during the Christmas season. This can show our human side by giving back to families who have never been together on Christmas or haven't been together for quite some time. Why would this be uncomfortable, you might ask? Brace for impact, it is for inmates and their families...

Ok for those of you still reading, we must all understand that part of what we signed up for when we donned the badge was protecting the community and that includes inmates being reintroduced into our community. 92% of inmates will be released back into our communities and their success can often times largely depend on their family's support. This is a rare opportunity to contribute to families reuniting or in some cases uniting for the first time. I would like you to take a moment to think of how children are impacted by incarceration, with 82% of inmates' children ending up incarcerated. Generationally speaking, this is detrimental to our community. We can be a positive example to them and to all the rest of Las Vegas by volunteering our time to wrap some presents, set up the drive thru Christmas Experience, and lining the red carpet for the unifications. The inmates participating will be those from Casa Grande to my knowledge.

Why do community outreach? This shows that the membership of FOP Nevada C.O. Lodge 21 represents our noble profession in a positive light. How many times have you heard that the only time you hear about corrections is when something bad happens? Lets give the community and reporters something positive to associate with our wonderful Officers who deserve a spotlight for doing charitable work during the holiday season. Keep in mind that when we connect with the community, they will support us when we are making our case for improved conditions. When we are telling the public how badly our officers need resources, they will rally around us if we have a good relationship with the community and its leaders.

We need 10-15 volunteers who are willing to participate in the actual event on December 14th at 4 pm and possibly 10 or so to help set up the drive thru in the days leading up to the event(10th-13th). I know that you all will represent our profession and our Lodge proudly. Please email me at if you are willing to be a part of this landmark event for our lodge.

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Great idea! What about up north?

Replying to

We haven’t had any connections yet with Carson/Reno faith based leaders. If anyone has any connections up there, we are more than willing to set something up. Doesn’t have to be the same type of program, it can be toy drives, food drives, etc.

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