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Constitution and Bylaw addition

The following is a proposed addition to the Lodge constitution and bylaws. The vote will be held at a subsequent monthly meeting. Please review for any input or discussion on the following proposal.

Supervisor’s Bargaining Committee

Whereas FOP Nevada C.O. Lodge 21 is designated as the collective bargaining representative of the Category III Peace Officer Supervisors bargaining unit, unit N, there will be a permanent committee of supervisors to handle labor matters. The Supervisors Bargaining Committee will be made up of 5 supervisors, including one chairman of the committee. These appointed supervisors will hold meetings to discuss labor matters for bargaining unit N. A separate bank account will be established for all supervisor members dues, minus Lodge 21 expenses and contributions, who are either Sergeants, Lieutenants, or Forensic Specialist IVs. These accumulated funds will be utilized for labor matters concerning bargaining unit N. Any expenses associated with bargaining unit N will be the responsibility of the committee and supervisors. If there are joint ventures that concern the entire Lodge a discussion will decide what portion of the financial responsibilities the Supervisor’s Bargaining Committee will bear.

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