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Covid exemption form

I requested the Covid religious or medical exemption for from the Board of Health. They replied that that form is not available yet. They sent me a form that contained the section listed below where it outlines the mechanism that will take place to request an exemption from the Covid vaccine. My guess is that the form will be provided by the agencies once it becomes available. If you go to our Lodge Facebook page there will be a full copy of the page they sent.

A student requesting an immunization exemption due to medical conditions or religious beliefs must:

1. Submit a written statement to the institution on a form provided by the Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services; and

2. Those requesting religious exemptions must submit the above-mentioned State Immunization Exemption Form annually to the Nevada university, community college, and/or state college registration officials, according to the annual enrollment schedule of the educational institution.

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