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Critical Rehire

Apparently the NDOC is going to do critical rehires. For those not familiar with critical rehires, this means a retired officer can come back to work, without any impact on their retirement benefits. So you can get paid to be retired and get paid as a full time officer at the same time. If I get more details I will pass them along.

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They should be allowed to have a more flexible schedule. Some wont come back because they were told that working 3 days a week was not enough.


This has been going on for years, you come back as a CO, no seniority, but like you said you continue pulling your retirement, and you're topped out, but don't pay into PERS...BLUF: you make a ton of money, you just get hosed on seniority, from what I've seen though shift command takes care of them so they're not working lockdown other than in a bubble

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I’m already going to talk to the director this week, maybe I will ask him what can be done to make this more enticing.

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