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Discount Uniform Program

Brothers and Sisters it makes me very happy to unveil our members discount uniform program!!! You can place your order in our FOP website store for the BDU uniform that you would like. The brands that we have available are Propper, Tru Spec, and 5.11 Tactial. The prices range from $78 to $143 for a full uniform. That is a long sleeve shirt with all the subdued BDU patches, plus your name embroidered and a pair of pants. Understand that this price includes all tax, shipping, and sewing on of patches. Now please keep in mind that we do need time to compile the bulk order, communicate all the details to the vendor, and allow for shipping, so the orders will be once a month until we see what the demand looks like. How this will work is we will compile the orders for all members in the state. We will probably set the first cut off date for orders as October 10th. Then we will communicate these orders to the vendor to be filled by institution.(HDSP, ESP, NNCC, etc.) Then once the uniforms are completed, they will be shipped to the facility directly. One of our FOP representatives or a team of representatives will be made aware of the delivery and then they will organize the orders for distribution by shift. Keep in mind this is a members only benefit and will not be offered to non members. We do need to make sure that the gatehouse officers are aware that the deliveries will likely be delivered to them for safekeeping and remain sealed until a FOP representative can open the packages and organize the items for distribution among the shifts. I am waiting for the first partial shipment of patches from the state which is scheduled for delivery Wednesday, to be followed by the rest of the 500 sets of patches that the state agreed to send. Big Thank You goes out to Deputy Director Shea who fought to get all of you these patches at no expense to you. We have all ranks, C/OT to LT. for long sleeve BDU's only at this time. We will work to expand the selection as we move forward. We hope to include Jackets, hats, and eventually Class A uniforms. Before anyone who wants to throw shade at this program, I want you to understand that the Lodge is not making a dime off of these orders. I have calculated down to the penny what it will cost to do these orders without the Lodge taking a loss and without the lodge making any money. Be sure to fill in all of the required information when ordering your uniforms and making your payment.

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Can we also buy badge wallets and who do we speak in regards getting a flat badge? Thank you sir.

Replying to

We are finalizing the wallet badge process with the NDOC. It will not be through FOP.


Speaking of discounted uniforms, there is a sale on Bates GX8 boots online right now. These are high quality and comfortable boots that last me 1 1/2-2 years before needing replacement. I’ve been wearing Bates in High Desert for over 10 years and prior to that I wore them in Afghanistan. They are $59.99 right now, normally they go on Amazon for $190. I ordered 4 pairs and got free shipping out of it. I’m normally a size 12 and in this brand I’m 10.5 so definitely try on some if you can because the sizing is a bit different.

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