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Employee Appreciation

As you experience employee appreciation week, I wanted to bring a couple things to light for your consideration. First and foremost, the Supervisors and some of the Wardens are primarily responsible for contributing money to purchase food at the facilities. Some facilities have an employee committee that raises money as well. Please take the time to thank these individuals when you have a chance.

Second, this year FOP Nevada C.O. Lodge 21 contributed money donations to each facility based on the number of officers and supervisors assigned to each facility and affiliated camp. FOP also will be handing out gatorades to each officer, custody supervisor, and forensic specialist at all of the facilities. Some camps, the Gatorade is being delivered directly via shipment.

Lastly, the Employer(State of Nevada), did not contribute anything to show its appreciation for you. How do I know this? I asked both the NDOC Administration and DPBH/DHHS Administration. I am simply reporting to you that your Union, FOP Nevada C.O. Lodge 21 and your Supervisors care about you enough to contribute money, time, and effort to make sure you feel appreciated, even though you are not our employees.

Some may get butt hurt by this, but the important thing to remember is those who do care about you enough to show our appreciation. We appreciate what you do day in and day out. Lodge 21 has been in your shoes and we know how thankless this job is. Thank you to all our members and all of the non members for what you do to keep your fellow officers safe as well as the communities we live in.

President Lunkwitz

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Thank you FOP!! You are very much appreciated.

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Thank you!

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