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FOP DISCOUNT ON GUNS??? What will they do next?

"NEVADA Tactical" located at 3776 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV, is offering Lodge 21 members a great discount option for class A uniforms, and other equipment. Your very own Chairman of Trustees, Jonathan Allen-Ricksecker was there in person today and wielding his boyish charm, he was able to work out a great benefit for all of our members! The following is a statement from Brother Allen-Ricksecker.

  "NEVADA Tactical has agreed to extend a whopping across the board 15% discount on all merchandise; including uniforms; duty gear; and accessories to ALL Nevada C.O. Lodge 21 members with a valid FOP Membership Card. The only exceptions are firearms....

FOR WHICH HE WILL PROVIDE A 10% DISCOUNT AS WELL AS ON AMMUNITION! I did explain to Mr. Corley that the forensics do not currently have a designated uniform, but may be in need of certain equipment; and he reaffirmed the discounts will apply to them."

You obviously have to show your FOP Lodge 21 membership card, but can you beat that??? How can you not be a member of FOP Lodge 21? Discounted BDU uniform program, discounts on firearms, over 40% total compensation increase, a peer support program in the very near future, and a legal defense plan that provides you with an attorney for work related investigations. We are the voice of Corrections in Nevada!!! If you know someone who hasn't joined yet, ask them, "How can you afford not to join FOP?"

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