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DD Tristan,

I find it very disturbing that you would agree to barring certain officers from working overtime who utilize sick leave. “May be abusing sick leave” is not a reason to punish officers, by denying them the opportunity to volunteer for overtime. Let’s revisit the discussions. First the warden said they were not doing this, I was “misunderstanding” what was happening. Now the warden is not doing this to all officers(the literal definition of disparate treatment) they are only doing it to those who “may be” abusing their sick leave by not coming in for mandatory overtime on their days off, but still volunteering to work other days off. How dare the officers try and spend their days off recovering from their workweek. What nerve they have trying to live a life outside of work. Then, they still pitch in on days that work for them to work overtime. 

You are giving the warden and the supervisors at LCC cart blanche to punish officers subjectively. I wonder, are you punishing the wardens and supervisors for not following NDOC shutdown and pull position policy at the institutions including LCC? Are we shutting down all non essential operations? When the NDOC attempts to use the same tired excuse of staffing is an emergency, how does that look when there are still non essential operations occurring? 

I implore you to reevaluate the approach of trying to discipline officers with no legitimate evidence of abuse. This will be a giant waste of resources by the NDOC, trying to make this method of punishment stand up during a staffing crisis. 

Show these officers that inmate privileges matter less than officer well being, safety, and security. This problem is not localized at just LCC. I assure you this will result in a much greater loss to morale, than gain in compliance. This course of action will inspire greater resistance by individuals who are fed up with working 6 doubles a pay period or most of their days off on twelves. The excuses provided by the wardens are just that, excuses.

 I am forwarding my response along with your explanation to our attorney and the Director for review. I do hope we can work out a reasonable practice in anticipation of the CBA taking effect on July 1st.


Paul Lunkwitz



Nevada C. O. Lodge 21

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Unknown member
Jun 25, 2023

I have a piece to say [write] on this:

I might be number one in hours in the state. I regularly rack up 100 hours of OT a pay period in addition to the regular 80.

Supervisors not only regularly pay games such as cancelling pre-hired OT when one uses USL to go to a VA medical appointment (with documentation to show them), but they also leave individuals out of the hiring for the OT on certain nights, skip officers (violating the seniority rule for hire) so that they can offer the least desired spots.

They don't even bother to shield their actions by calling one's phone number at home to hire for OT, fully knowing that one is at…


What's it take to follow the AR on mandatory overtime? In Ely, our OP is referencing DD Wickham's email as a policy source, which is in direct violation of the AR. They need to change the AR or follow it. I prefer they follow it. Removing volunteers from the mandatory list increases cronyism and increases burnout on those who don't want overtime. Basically, if you volunteer you choose your overtime and get removed from the mandatory list. The rest get mandatoried with the worst posts twice a week. As a 24 year veteran I much prefer everyone pulls their own wait (as the AR is written) then this game of who can beg a sergeant first for the best dut…


Applying employee discipline in an arbitrary and capricious manner outside of the the established disciplinary policy and regulation, especially absent proof or even an investigation in retaliation for legitimately utilizing an earned state benefit constitutes an abuse of authority and is an "Improper governmental action” .


NRS 281.611 Definitions. As used in NRS 281.611 to 281.671, inclusive, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. “Improper governmental action” means any action taken by a state officer or employee or local governmental officer or employee in the performance of the officer’s or employee’s official duties, whether or not the action is within the scope of employment of the officer or employee, which is:

(a) In violation …


There are 2 supervisors at sdcc that will do the mandates, but others get upset when you refuse your mandate. When do we start actually using the mandate policy


Jun 21, 2023

Don't get me wrong there's certain supervisors I respect at SDCC that will do overtime and or do there mandates the others will cry!!! like I said let them fell the pain!!!!!

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