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FOP will be heard

People often ask what can i do to help the union? How can i get involved? Tomorrow in Las Vegas and Carson City is your chance. If you are not working, show up to the IFC meeting at 9am at either location.

There is strength in numbers and solidarity throughout the union. We have FOP members from other agencies and union leaders showing up to support us. This is a movement and it might even be televised. Peer Support is a vital program to help all of our brothers and sisters. You all know what a show of force looks like. Even if you don’t want to give your public comments, our presence alone will speak volumes about how important this is. Remember our movement can save the lives of our brothers and sisters for decades to come. Join us tomorrow in Las Vegas at the Grant Sawyer Building in room 4401:

555 E. Washington Ave.

Las Vegas, NV

Join us tomorrow in Carson City at the Legislative Building in room 4100:

401 S Carson St.

Carson City, NV

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