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From the former AFSCME Corrections Vice President

Below is a Facebook post from Brother Fonseca, who used to be the VP of AFSCME. This was his response after the email that AFSCME sent out. Picture of the email is below.

After weeks of telling the executive board of AFSCME to not get rid of PORAC I while I was the VP for the correctional chapter, which had the administrative defense plan, they ignored me, cancelled it and screwed everyone who actually had cases pending which led to officers having to pay out of pocket for their case to continue. Now that FOP has a majority to become the NEW union representatives for Corrections, the international representatives from AFSMCE stepped in and forced the executive board to reinstate PORAC 1 in hopes in convincing officers that this is 1 of many changes AFSCME will do if we choose them. The time is now to unite and sign up with FOP, we need to keep the numbers up especially during elections.

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