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Getting Sued

So you think you don't need FOP Legal Defense Protection? Take a moment to read the following news story about one of our very own members.

Lt. Groover, who has worked for many years at HDSP and SDCC, finds himself in the unfortunate position of being sued by an inmate. Unlike most inmate lawsuits this one ended in a judgement against him, in the amount of $212,500. The Attorney General's office represented brother Groover and now that the judgement went against him, they are arguing that he is responsible for paying the judgement. They are arguing that if they do not successfully appeal the judgement, the state doesn't have to indemnify(take responsibility for paying the judgement) against him. This just goes to show you how doing exactly what you were trained to do can result in a lawsuit down the road. The tragedy here is that Lt. Groover has been a member for almost as long as we have been a lodge, but the lodge wasn't around in 2016 when this incident took place. If he had been FOP in 2016, he could have had FOP plan attorneys fight his case when the AG's weren't doing their jobs effectively.

The following is from Brother groover: "I encourage every officer to have representatives on their side. This is no longer just about work.. It now affects my family. It can happen to anyone now."

Do not wait to join, get your asses covered before it's too late! The situations will not announce to you beforehand that you need to join FOP. They just happen and 7 years later you're sitting in a courtroom, for doing your job!

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Our Retired brother

Anyone who has worked around SDCC during the last 25 years has likely had the pleasure of working with Officer Carl Arnold. During my time at SDCC I remember him running K-Gate most of the time. He wa


Every officer should pay attention to this! I was recently sued also and the AG’s office removed the department as defendants so it was only me and my fellow officers on trial. The AG’s office does not have our back I promise you that. They only defend us to defend the state. They do not and will not look out for you as an individual. I happened to have one my case not because of the AG’s office but because they officers that testified knew their jobs and were able to articulate it.


I worked with Lt. Groover out in three Lakes back in 2016, he is. a good dude...


Unknown member
Sep 06, 2023

Lombardo ain't being Lombardo if he ain't stabbing officers in the back! Dude probably voted for him too; how 'bout that?

Replying to

Ok so anytime you comment it has to go to politics? Doesn’t matter whether or not you are actually responding to a legitimate comment. Would you like me to post your comment as a blog post by itself? I think I can save you some key strokes by cutting and pasting your comment.


There, now can we move on from your hatred and address current events please? For the record I don’t care which party you belong to or who you vote for. You are my brother in law enforcement. When elections come around we will put out the information we have on candidates…


FOP is an absolute necessity! My thoughts are with LT Groover. We bust our butts doing our job and doing what we’re taught like the post says and we are constantly essentially punished! We need more members to stop the madness as I call it.

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