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Let's talk about grievances. As many of you know, our grievance procedure has been totally revamped. This means different time frames for filing, different time limits for response, ability to elevate to the correct step, and the final step is now arbitration.

So basic run through if you need to file a grievance: you have 15 working days to file from the date of incident or the date you became aware of the incident. There are 4 steps: Lieutenant, Warden/division administrator, department head/designee, and arbitration. At each step they have 7 working days to respond, unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties, and you have 7 working days to escalate after receiving a response at each step, except step 4. If your grievance is not resolved at step 3, you have 30 calendar days to demand arbitration by submitting your demand in writing to DHRM/LRU. All of the soecifics can be found in Article 21 of the CBA.

There are specific situations that have their own mechanisms for resolution. These are listed in Artjcle 21 and are not appropriate to file as a grievance. Please familiarize yourself with these items.

It is important to note, that certain grievances do not need to begin with the Lt. Disciplinary grievances in particular have different levels to begin. So how do you escalate your grievance to the proper step? You cannot change the level at this time, but the LRU has assured me that they will change it for you. In order to assist them in determining which level to submit your grievance to, please review Arricle 21 of the CBA. If you attempt to incorrectly elevate your grievance, it will not be elevated. However, as an example, if you were given discipline in the form of a suspension or higher, you would write in the first line of your grievance, "Elevate to step 3, Department Head." This is in the narrative section of your grievance. When LRU reviews this, they will elevate the grievance for you.

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