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HDSP safety and 12’s talk

From our VP, Brother Thompson:

The Director gave us some legitimate sounding reasons for staying away from the 12s – also he would need them legislatively approved past an emergency period.


He did, initially, express interest in the yard gun rail having shotguns with rubber bullets, but quickly went to the flash bangs with OC, which he said he thought we were already using because Ely is.


Director Dzurenda added that we should be using the high velocity pepper balls in the units like Ely is – they love it up there and swear by it. Bean said we already have up to four of those guns. Bean added that we also have flash bangs in stock.


Dzurenda added that all staff should at least fire one flash bang and was adamant that it should be done quickly.  Most of his arguments about one floor CO in level 2 units ran along company lines.

This is progress Brothers and Sisters! FOP is voicing your concerns and you are being heard! We have several ESP Officers that have said the pepper ball launchers work. In a deadly force situation, firing these rounds to the face, will stop the inmates. This is in fact what stopped the attackers in the most recent murder.

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