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HDSP Safety update

As promised Warden Bean issued the attached Wardens Bulletin with regard to staffing at HDSP. I would like to clarify that Brother Ledingham who was tasked with issuing the memo that was cited in this matter, was in the acting capacity as an AW. He did not issue this memo on his own accord. He was tasked with drafting it, but be absolutely clear that he did not issue the memo without approval from administration. See the updated Wardens Bulletin below.

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This only normalizes operating with less staff this is in no way a positive outcome. This is a safety issue and should be negotiated. Conducting unit tours with two officers sounds great but should a situation occur there will be even less staff to respond to gain control.

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Right now, the level is supposed to have two floor officers, and they won't send a 2nd officer and stated that due to staffing.... They'll put up a gun rail to give yard and demand cell searches, but say you're on your own..

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The inmates want to grieve being locked down due to low staffing. Let the inmates have at each other. They want tier time that bad they are willing to risk their own safety? So be it. As long as my officers are safe.

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