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HDSP Timesheets

If you are an officer at HDSP and you have had your time sheet changed by your supervisor, without them contacting you to discuss or allow you to contest the change, I need you to submit a statement to President Lunkwitz at

with the documentation to support it. Your statement should include your supervisors name, what was changed, why this was a mistake, and if they contacted you to discuss this change. Your documentation should include your time sheet with the time stamp of who changed your time sheet. ****Bonus submission: if your time sheet was changed to wash overtime out due to sick call out, please notate this specifically.

***Supervisors, this is a teachable moment moving forward. While NAC 284.5255  Time sheets gives you the authority to change timesheets to correct errors, it also requires contacting the employee. Section 5 reads:

5.  The supervisor or the person who is responsible for coordinating the payroll of the agency may change an entry on an employee’s time sheet in accordance with the policy of the agency. If a change is made to an entry on the employee’s time sheet, the employee must be notified of the change. If the employee contests a change to an entry on his or her time sheet, he or she is entitled only to his or her base pay for the workweek in question. The contested entry must be resolved as soon as practicable, and any adjustment must be made during the next pay period following the resolution of the contested entry.

Let's all work together to correct this situation moving forward. This is not a divisive moment, but a increase understanding moment.

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In the defense of some supervisors, they sometimes do make changes that benefit you. Example: forgetting to put in shift differential or the muster pay and the supervisor puts it in for you.

Replying to

You’re absolutely right. I’ve tried to relay that everyone just wants to get it right. This isn’t supervisors vs officers. Everyone works together to get it right and we are all better for it.


Notifying an employee of a change shouldn't be an issue as it should be a common courtesy. Problems arise when the employee can not be contacted or the employee thinks that supervisors don't have the right to make changes. The law just requires that employees are notified. We used to print the time sheets and the employee would sign acknowledging that it was changed.

As for submitting a "straight 80" until the dispute is resolved, be careful what you ask for. If you have 40 hrs of OT and a holiday on a pay period, but 8 hrs OT is in dispute, do you want a straight 80 until resolved? Once resolved, a payroll memo gets submitted for everything, and…

Replying to

I think some of the issue is based upon the facts and circumstances such as were the parties and individuals on both sides acting in good faith and the reasonableness of the actions overall; especially when dealing with record keeping and wage disputes. Supervisors do have a mandated responsibility to scrutinize all claims for wages.


Certain provisions of the Fair Labors Standards Act (FSLA) regarding the payment of overtime wages and employer record keeping requirements maybe applicable and or override portions of NAC 284.5255 giving employees additional protections regarding disputed wages. For example; withholding all wages above a standard bi-weekly 80 hours including for wages on days that are not in dispute would likely violate the FSLA. Temporary withholding a wage for example a specific shift on a given day that was in dispute until the dispute can be adjudicated would be permitted. The FSLA addresses only wages and not benefits.

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