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Our Retired brother

Anyone who has worked around SDCC during the last 25 years has likely had the pleasure of working with Officer Carl Arnold. During my time at SDCC I remember him running K-Gate most of the time. He wa

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I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to express my deep concern and disappointment regarding a recent change in the promotion and seniority policy for correctional officers within our department.

It has come to my attention that officers are now being placed on the seniority list based on their hire date rather than their promotional date. I find this decision to be not only distasteful but also highly embarrassing and unappreciated. This policy is creating a hostile working environment and discouraging those officers, like myself, who have dedicated themselves to their roles and the betterment of our institution.

I want to highlight that I chose to become a senior correctional…

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Dear concerned officer, I appreciate your input. I would ask where your input was during our multiple negotiation meetings and strategy sessions that were open to the members and some that were open to non members? This change was a multi faceted change to make seniority right within the bargaining unit. We cannot read minds and careful thought was given to encourage qualified experienced officers to promote. More to the point, seniority has not yet had a significant impact on anyone as the annual shift bid has not taken place. You have not been denied annual leave or a post and days off due to seniority. If that does occur, then I sympathize with your situation. I highly recommend when…

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